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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Can I use my own branding on the AirDeck player/landing page?

A: Whitelabeling and CNAME integration are in the planning phases and have not yet been developed. We aim to have these features ready for release by the end of the year.


Q: Is there a time limit/length for the video?
A: Videos can be up to an hour per slide, though we recommend keeping slides shorter than that to keep viewers engaged.


Q:  Can you download a deck as an MP4?
A: Currently, decks are securely stored in the cloud and cannot be downloaded. However, we have plans to introduce file downloading in the near future. You can open the deck in another tab and then use a tool like Loom to record the tab while playing the deck as a workaround. Decks can be easily shared through links, email, or embedding, and it is worth noting that viewers do not need to have an AirDeck account in order to access and view the content.


Q: Powerpoint Vs AirDeck - What’s the difference? 

A: The difference between AirDeck and PowerPoint is that we have slide-by-slide viewer tracking analytics, and it's super easy to reuse/replace recordings on your slides. Our analytics will show you exactly how long a viewer spent on each slide of your deck, so you can really hone in on where people are spending the most (or least) time. Additionally, if you need to replace an audio recording or redo it, you don't need to worry about redoing the entire deck since AirDecks are recorded slide by slide.


Q: How does this differ from Komodo decks/Loom/etc?
A: AirDeck allows you to add voiceover slide-by-slide and provides document tracking and analytics all in one. If you make a mistake or need to update a slide, AirDeck allows you to easily swap out the narration or the slide without resending the file to your viewer.
For more Loom comparisons, check here: https://airdeck.co/compare/loom-vs-airdeck/



Q: Are decks embeddable?
A: AirDecks can be embedded in any LMS, website, or landing page, similar to how you embed YouTube videos. We also  support embedding YouTube, Vimeo, and Vidyard URLs onto slides.



Q: Analytics
A: Basic and advanced deck analytics are included in all tiers. Tier 2 and 3 include the team analytics which allow you to see the analytics of other users on your account.


Q: Can you add a timer or a deadline on the deck and limit the number of views?
A: If you use custom sharing links, you can add a password or expiration date, and disable the sharing icon inside the player.

You can password-protect your decks, add a requirement for viewers to insert their name/email before viewing, and add an expiration date.