How to record a video slide

  1. Click "Video" on the top bar from within the recording studio of your deck, or click "Create video" while creating a new AirDeck. The following up popup will appear.
  2. Click "Create Video Slide".
  3. Click "Record or Upload Video".
  4. Click "Record Video".
  5. Your camera will turn on and show a preview. If everything looks good, click "Record".
  6. After a brief countdown, start talking! When you're done, click "Stop".
  7. Choose a thumbnail from the generated cover shots, or upload your own by clicking "Upload image file". If you don't want to select one, click "Skip" and the first frame of the video will be selected by default.
  8. If you want to trim the beginning and end of your video, click "Trim". Otherwise, click "Skip".
  9. Your video slide will process for a short amount of time. When it's done, you will receive a notification in the platform, and the slide will appear within your deck.